The past decades Computer Science has spent remarkable effort to liberate programmers of "zeroes and ones". Programmers are pampered and have a lot of freedom to capture data, variables, functions, etc . Freedom in nomenclature generates  private programs (source), which are understood by the coders themselves. The administrative layers look against a program as an unstructured collection of typical phraseology terms, managers are completely being sidelined. There is created a logical gap between what Project principals have in mind and the implementation results made by so called Software engineers.


Logic resources are since centuries available within the philosophical world,  it is incomprehensible that the scientific link with Computer Science has not been explicitly explored. It is even more astonishing, while the logic link is readily made available by analytic philosophers e.g. Ludwig Wittgenstein.(Tractatus logico-phylosophicus). Axioms of Wittgenstein(1) are the building stones for Project managers to create a coherent Project fundament for detailed implementation. Unfeasibility, errors, omissions, exceptions, etc force fundamental updates during the Project buildup. The Project fundament integrity is guaranteed by applying up and down and vice versa” managing the Project terminology during the update processes.                                                                                                                                                                                        


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During the 1920 there was no notion of databases in the actual form. It is beyond remarkable that Ludwig Wittgenstein at that time defined the relational-database essentials as logic axioms in a hierarchical composed scientific document.

Fundamental Relational-Database concepts seem synonymous to be with Wittgenstein terminology. By some primary axioms and a simple practic example MyShop is tried to expose the resemblances  


With this in mind the ultimate goal becomes at hand viz. return  Project control from start to finish to the Project manager.

Top down Project control is a reality after all, because all elements are available to define a Project database (blueprint).    


The Project manager should have Database facilities to his disposal to create the Project Database and keep track with software implementations.                                   Terminology  

Logic axioms are neccesary and sufficient to picture Project characteristics as tables, attributes, relations, nouns, etc, and last but not least the Project concepts naming should be based on the Project terminology for top down understandability.   

                                   a selection of                   

                      Tractatus logico-phylosophicus   

                   Ludwig Wittgenstein   1889 - 1951


 1.          The world is all that is the case

1.1         The world is the totality of facts, not of things

1.2         The world divides into facts.

2.           What is the case , the facts, is the existence of states of things

2.01       The state of things is the connection between objects (facts, things)

2.01231 To understand an Object (entity) I dare not to know its externals,                                                         - but I should       know its internals

2.032     The way by withes object hang together is the connection structure.

2.04       The totality of the existing connections is the world.

 Synonyms  ( particular incomplete set)

1.                  World                       >   MyWorld >  unique Project pictured  into Project Relational Database

2.                  facts                        >  tables, attributes, relations                         3.        logic picture              >   relational database

2.01               connection               >  relation                                                        3.22     true sentence            >   function        

2.01.1            object, thing            >   entity, table                                                  4.1272 names                     >    project nomenclature

2.1                picture                     >  tables, attributes, relations                            4.22     elementary sentence  >   basic project functions


                            Project Database buildingstones

Interpretations of axioms from the Tractatus logico-philosophicus by                                   Ludwig Wittgenstein.

 The customer, principal, mandator, project manager has the Project knowledge

1.2          The project is MyWorld decomposed by Facts .  

2              Facts consist out of connections.  (Relations)  

2.01         Relations, connections between Entities.      

2.01231  To know an entity (Table) is not the external                                                           - but its internal (Attributes) are important.

2.032      The way, entities hang together in relations, picture the                                             project database Structure    

2.04        The entire relationships represent the Project.                   

           Logic Gap

   Project <> Software